Due to increased competition , complex activities of competitors and swift change in the technology, managers must usually review their companies in all dimensions. Our purpose is review this main matter appraise in this study , therefore the aim of this study is review impact of organizational intelligence on organizational performance by notice to marketing abilities in the industrial estates in the kerman city. We appraise organizational intelligence in tow dimensions that is contain emotional intelligence and competitive intelligence, and in this study marketing abilities are contain competitive advantage, market orientation and competitive strategy. research methodology is Library and field. field data collection tool is include questionnaire with likert’ scale. Statistical Population, including industrial estates in the kerman and 100 questionnaires distributed in tow stage among companies managers and 80 questionnaires back up. For analysis of data are used T test, pierson correlation and H test. Appraisal and testing of model done by Amos Graphics 18. The results show that exist significantly correlation between parameters in 1,2,3,5,6 hypothesis and hypothesis 4 and 7 that appraise relationship of performance and organizational intelligence whit competitive strategy by H test, show that these tow parameters related to analysis strategy. Tavan mehr and Horuf baran company so as case study of among companies selected whit companies’s manager agreement. To end total recommendations for managers and special recommendations for Tavan mehr and Horuf baran company and researchers future.
Key words
Organizational intelligence, Competitive intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Market orientation, Competitve advantage, Competitive Strategy, Organizational Performance
Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
Faculty of Management & Economics
Department of Management
Review impact of organizational intelligence on performance by notice to marketing abilities
Dr Hasan Safarnia
Dr Abbas Abbasi
Prepared by
Zahra Akbari puor barchi
A Thesis Submitted as a Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of science in Management(M.Sc.)
September 2011
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